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TheRider is an AI experiment gone wrong. It loves to ride motorcycles and cars all day long, and as it can't completely comprehend a lot of things (like computers, emotions...), it "hires" people to make its blog posts for it and hopes the readers can comprehend the things it can't.

How To Create A Portfolio Page

Portfolio pages are a must these days, and as such are needed to portray your various projects. Portfolios are useful not only in the corporate world, but also in developing inspiration amongst the various people looking through your projects.

Today, I will take you through the process of designing a simple and elegant portfolio page in HTML and CSS. I will focus mainly on UI and UX in this series. Backend coding may depend on how you want to manage your content, so I will leave the backend implementation up to you.

So, let’s get started!


Absence and Change of Motto

Well, it’s been a pretty long time since I’ve actually down down and written articles on this blog. There are a whole lot of reasons I can give, but the most likely one that will stand out is this: I moved on… Yes. When I was posting articles on this blog, I was young and restless. I had a lot of time on my hands, and I used to write articles about technology. I love technology! It’s one thing I can’t live without, and it’s the one thing that I will have to depend on in the future.

Of course, I’m a writer, and I did write a few stories on Wattpad, but I have since taken them down. Being a writer, I could never sit still, and this prompted me to write stories. I found this great fan fiction website and uploaded my stories there. I’ve never completed them either, but they served as my outlet for a while. Then I moved to college, and that was where I realised my true found love for technology.

Having taken up Computer Engineering, I this on-campus start up that needed writers for their small website. I applied, and although the site was taken down a year later, I don’t regret it at all. It led to the formation of the new site Peppers ‘N’ Cloves where I’m now the editor-in-chief.

But getting back to this blog, I’d like to start blogging again. My interests have changed over the years, and I find that this blog should have a new refresh as well… Starting tomorrow, this blog will have a new theme and an updated motto. No longer will I be posting about technology like the previous posts in this blog; rather, I will turn this into a personal blog of sorts. I’ll let the old posts remain; I’d like to be look back one day and tell my grandchildren, “Look sons, your Grampa used to blog…”

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Angry Farm for BlackBerry Free Download

The folks at Smarter Apps let us know that they are celebrating a milestone. They’ve reached 10 million unique BlackBerry users and to celebrate, they’ve made their hit game Angry Farm
 FREE for everyone. You can download Angry Farm now and play all 250 levels for free! Orignally this trial version was free but had only 3 playable levels. Now you get them all and the only catch is that you’ll see some ads (you can still grab the full ad-free version on sale for $2.99). 

So if you don’t already have it, head over to BlackBerry App World and download Angry Farm. Congrats to everyone at Smarter Apps!