SkyFiles for Symbian

New SkyDrive client for your Symbian smartphone is now available! You can easily download and upload your files, images, photos, videos and documents. Just login with your Live account and access your SkyDrive account.



  * browse on the SkyDrive, open downloaded files
  * multiple files download from the SkyDrive
  * multiple files upload from your smartphone
  * delete files
  * create folders

Future features:

  * folder upload / download
  * deletion of folders
  * stored account credentials
  * search
  * thumbnails
  * multiple language versions

How it works:

  * start SkyFiles,
  * login with your Live account credentials,
  * after login you will see the listing of folders and files on you SkyDrive – the tab “SkyDrive”,
  * by clicking you can select one or more files,
  * go to the tab “Phone Memory”,
  * you will see the listing of the drives of your smartphone,
  * select the folder where you want to store downloaded files,
  * go back to the tab “SkyDrive”,
  * press Download and dialog box with progress appears,
  * if you selected just one file to download, you can open the file direct from the dialog box. If you selected more files, after download just press the Button “Go to folder” and you will jump the “Phone Memory” tab.

This app is compatible with all S^3 devices, and can be downloaded at the Nokia Store.


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