Tweetian for Symbian

Tweetian is a Twitter client for your Symbian smartphone. Tweetian is developed using Qt Quick Component and has a native, fluid and simple user interface.


Functions include:
* View your timeline, mentions and direct messages quickly and easily
* Tweet, retweet and reply
* Integrated image viewer
* View trending topics and search for tweets

Tweetian is still in beta and under development, therefore it may have bugs and some important features are missing, like image upload.

Known issues and bugs in this version:
* @mentions and #hashtags autofill when writing a new tweet will only triggered when predictive text is OFF. Qt bugs.
* Sometimes you will get “Error: 401 unauthorized”. This is probably Twitter’s server issue and I can’t do anything about it.
* Sometimes tweets conversation can’t be loaded. This is because Twitter still doesn’t have a proper API for displaying the tweets conversation.

Currently Tweetian is compatible only with Symbian Anna and Belle version is expected to be available soon.

Tweetian can be downloaded for S^3 and Anna devices from the Nokia Store.


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