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TrueCaller for Symbian

Ever wanted to know the id of an unknown number which has been bugging you for the past week? Well, this here is your chance to do so!

TrueCaller searches for numbers the world over and gives you the ID info.



TwimGo for Symbian

TwimGo is a QT based Twitter client for your Symbiqn smartphone. It has all the bells and whistles of a Twitter app. You can post status updates, reply to tweets, follow someone and more!


eBook Readers for 5800, 5233, 5235, 5230

In the past few weeks, I again refined my search for a good eBook reader for my S60V5 devices. I was previously stuck with the MobiPocket reader, which was rendered useless for all S60V5 devices. Of course, it was still useable with the volume rocker buttons, but, I wanted full functionality. You could use it with WFVirtual Keyboard, but it was clumsy, as I couldn’t see what was highlighted. I found the major problem with not finding a compatible eBook Reader for S^3 and S60V5. Symbian Ideas closed down a long time ago and there was no way to appeal to developers to create a good eBook reading application. I tried my luck requesting for an application in Nokia Beta Labs, but it too was a no go.