Angry Farm for BlackBerry Free Download

The folks at Smarter Apps let us know that they are celebrating a milestone. They’ve reached 10 million unique BlackBerry users and to celebrate, they’ve made their hit game Angry Farm
 FREE for everyone. You can download Angry Farm now and play all 250 levels for free! Orignally this trial version was free but had only 3 playable levels. Now you get them all and the only catch is that you’ll see some ads (you can still grab the full ad-free version on sale for $2.99). 

So if you don’t already have it, head over to BlackBerry App World and download Angry Farm. Congrats to everyone at Smarter Apps!


The Farmer is away and the farm has been overrun by an army of hungry foxes.

Help the angry animals fight back to clear the farm of marauding foxes. The angry animals are armed with a catapult and they fly through the air like furious birds before colliding spectacularly with the foxes who are hiding inside protective farm structures.

Each of the angry animals have special properties that you can control to defeat the foxes.

Angry goat flies through the air slamming into foxes and causing hay bales and wooden farm structures to explode.

Angry pig bounces like a super ball of furious rubberized pork demolishing foxes and their hiding places.

Angry hen is a bird full of bad bird attitude. So full of bad bird attitude that angry hen splits into three angry bird projectiles at a time selected by you while the angry hen is in the air.

To be sure that this app works great on your BlackBerry®, you can try this free version of Angry Farm. There is also a version of Angry Farm for sale that has 250 LEVELS and more characters than this free version. If you love playing games like Angry Birds you’re going to love Angry Farm!

– Three free game levels
– Engaging special audio and video effects *CDMA devices take note

We hope that you enjoy playing Angry Farm Free Trial and we welcome your feedback for improving Angry Farm Free Trial.

Here is what our customers are saying about Angry Farm(check out more great comments in the review section)!


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