Bird Bar for Android

Do you love Angry Birds, Spiderman and Temple Run? Do you hate to exit the game when you’re in the middle of an exciting part when you receivea notification only to find it’s some annoying ad from your operator?

Well then, this app is for you.




SmartLauncher Pro for Android

SmartLauncher Pro is a simple and cute launcher that replaces your stock Android homescreen with something more simple and minimal. It’s still the first release, so maybe we’ll find more features in the new updates.



Wattpad for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7

Wattpad is often dubbed as the “YouTube of eBooks”. Back in early 2006, Wattpad started out as a place to share your stories. Everyone was ecstatic that they could finally share their stories without having to go through the hassle of getting an ISBN and then publishing it.

In the past two years, Wattpad has become a viral amongst the young. Books like Twilight and The Hunger Games have left the youngsters with a lasting impression, and they often write books that rival these books. But fortunately, technology too has updated over the past two years and we are now presented with apps for three different platforms that we adore.


SPB Mobile Shell

SPB, a leading smartphone app maker has come back again with a new application that allows you to change the look of your homescreen. With this application on your smartphone, I assure you that you will not not regret the decision of buying this app. There is a free trial for 15 days, but after that you’ll have to buy the app. This application has been on all of my smartphones.


You can also mod this a lot. I will post more on modding later.


Visit SPB to buy and download the application. Free trial available on site itself.