Nokia Public Transport updated for Symbian

Nokia Public Transport for
Symbian just got updated to
version 2.1. Check the full
changelog after the break.

Nokia Public Transport helps you
navigate cities by public


What’s new in 2.1?

All the platforms (S^1 and
S^3-all firmwares) have
now the same feature set
– only difference is
Transport Nearby on the
map (which is only
supported on Belle and
newer firmwares).

•Transport Nearby in
estimated routing areas.

•Improvements: battery
live, start-up time, UI for
Transport Nearby page,

•Bug fixing.

What else is new in 2.1 for S^3
preAnna and Anna firmwares?

•Simple routing: Simple
routing uses the map data
to calculate a heuristic
route, based on the likely
frequency of lines.

•Improved experience in
the available cities and
increase to more cities;
especially in China.

•Much more coverage:
many more timetable
cities + simple routing
(before only Germany, UK,
USA, Canada, Finland,
Belgium Denmark and
New Zealand)

What else is new in 2.1 new for

•Much more coverage:
many more timetable
cities + simple routing
(before only Berlin/

•Transport Nearby: search
for a station around a
certain spot and get all the
departures from that

•Line information: the
stops along a line and its

•Integration of Nokia
Maps: walk to or show
your destination on the
map using Nokia Maps.

•Coverage check: at the
first time usage, a
coverage check will show
information about the
supported coverage in the
user’s city. Besides, some
legal information will also
presented to the user.

•Localization: now
supports all languages
that are available on
Symbian (before only
English and German)

•Lots of visual

To download the latest version
of Nokia Public Transport visit
Nokia Beta Labs website.


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