Lumos: Flashlight App for Windows Phone 7

The other day, I was taking a walk through the extensive garden in our house when I dropped my chain. I never realized that I’d dropped, except late at night, when it was absolutely pitch dark outside.

What was I to do? I looked around for my flashlight, but it wouldn’t work, so I threw it away. I then picked up my Nokia 5800 XM and switched on the flashlight, but it wasn’t strong enough. And that’s where my Nokia Lumia helped me!

I downloaded the Lumos app under Productivity from Marketplace. I fired it up and voila! Very bright LED flashlight!

The screen doesn’t turn off when the app is in use. You can turn on and off the flashlight with the power button on screen. The side camera key can also be used for the same.

It’s free of cost, but can also be purchased at $0.99 to support the developer. And did I mention the best thing about this app? No advertisements! Yay!

Lumos can be downloaded from the Marketplace for free.


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