Rumpus for Android

The vast majority of whizzy tablet music-discovery apps launch first for iPad, so Rumpus is bucking the trend – good news for music fans who’ve just bought a Nexus 7 tablet, for example. It offers biographies of thousands of artists, discographies, music videos, and links to similar acts, as well as a built-in downloads store.


The first Music Discovery application designed for the Android Tablet.
Find info on every album your favorite band has ever made. Discover who their influences are and who they’ve influenced. Who’s in the band? Watch all your favorite videos. Delve much deeper than you’ve ever imagined.
For a limited time, hundreds of thousands of tracks in Rumpus are just 10 cents! Find them while you can!
• The promotion shall terminate on or before September 30, 2012.
• Livewire reserves the right to terminate this offering at anytime with or without notice.
• Livewire reserves the right to limit the number of downloads to any individual or in any single transaction with or without notice.
Rediscover Your Favorite Artists 
♪ Find artist and band bios
♪ Browse the bands photos 
♪ Explore the band discography 
♪ Learn about current and past band members 
♪ Watch music videos from your favorite bands
♪ See music videos from real people covering the band
Find New Bands and Artists based on your tastes. 
♪ Who are the band’s influences?
♪ Who has the band influenced? 
♪ Who are some bands who have a similar sound?
Easy and Intuitive List Management 
♪ Save your favorites bands and artist 
♪ Add tags to categorize and filter
♪ Note how you first heard of them 
♪ See when you’ve last viewed 
♪ Keep other notes like your favorite albums and tracks
Integrated Store
♪ Preview songs from our store
♪ Purchase albums and tracks
♪ Download them right to your device
♪ Play songs in your favorite music player
Why we built this app:
This app was born from a desire to have a place where one could go to discover new music. For a long time now, we felt the process of finding new music was limited to the recommendation engines of online music stores or the narrow minded playlist of commercial radio. If I heard something I liked, sure I could Shazam it or go to Soundhound, but If a friend recommended something new, we had to do a deep dive into Google, Wikipedia, and YouTube to get a decent feel. If I wanted to Discovr something new but similar to our tastes, all we had to rely on was the autobot of Pandora. 

No longer do you have to be the passive listener.. This app gives you the control to find and enjoy the music you like. 

So, check it out…! If you like what you see, please say so! We love to hear feedback.

If you are having problems or questions… Contact us directly at
 and someone on our team will be quick to give you the help you need.

You can download the app for all Android tablets at the Google Play Store


One comment

  1. Rumpus also works for the Android-x86 port created by Chih-Wei Huang. Tested and working on my Sony VAIO running Android ICS 4.0 RC1.

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