Mozilla Firefox Beta for Android

Mozilla have rolled out a new update for their popular browser for Android devices. It’s a beta version and features an updated UI, and also is the first version for Android to support Flash!

In this Beta release XUL-based interface that the browser had been using is replaced with native Android user interface. Also this is the first version of Firefox that supports Adobe Flash.

What’s in this version:

-Redesigned user interface

-Significant performance advancements

-Flash support

-New start page

-Updated minimum system requirements to Android 2.2+ for optimized experience

As you can see, those using older versions of Android like Gingerbread and Froyo have not been left out in this release, and this is a major improvement in terms of browser compatibility for these older devices. However, weather the support for x86 tablets have been added or not, remains to be seen.

You can download this latest Firefox Beta from Play Store for free.

Leave a comment if it worked for you. If it didn’t, still leave a comment and I’ll try to sort out your problem.


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