WordPress App

The WordPress App for iOS has been around for sometime. But not everyone has an iThing. The WordPress App is also available for Symbian and Android and to know more, continue reading.

WordPress App for Nokia

Based on QT, the cross-platform application framework by Nokia, this WordPress App lets you make new posts on your WordPress blog, while on the go. The applications interface is pretty, neat and the most used things are to be found in the homescreen. In case you want to check your stats, you will need a WordPress blog, not one hosted on it. On the whole, a simple and neat app, not missing out on the features needed to make an urgent post on the go.

This app is available for all S60v3, S^1 and S ^3 devices. It is also found to be working on MeeGo, MeeGo Harmattan and Maemo devices.

Download here.

WordPress for Android

While Android currently occupies the smartphone market, the non-availability of this app on this platform would create a rukus. I have used both the Symbian app and also this one, and I much prefer the Android version, the sole reason being the option to check the traffic of your blog, both hosted on WordPress or just a WordPress blog. The app is much more refined when compared to its Symbian counterpart, with smoother animations and better management of posts. There are two versions of the application, one for the smartphones and the other for the tablets. It has been developed by Automattic Inc., and resembles the Symbian application in look.



The app is available for free on the Android Market for all Android 2.2+ devices. It has also been optimized for Android 4.0 in the latest release.

Download here .


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