SOPA and What It Could Mean to Us

Most of what we use nowadays sets a trend. Take for example Android. Within a year of it’s introduction, it has taken the mobile world by storm.

While owning an Android was the thing, people such sequently felt the need for their share of apps like the iPhone users. Unlike the Apple’s Appstore, Android’s Market was filled with a number of free applications. While people were satisfied with these free apps, power users began to experiment with their Androids, which subsequently resulted in a slew of paid apps and games, much like Apple’s Appstore. Not everybody could pay for these apps, because they lacked a method of payment.

BiNPDA’s own involvement in the Symbian cracking scene is a great example of violation of what the SOPA aims to support. While I agree that piracy shouldn’t be there, I mean that we should at least try buying some of the stuff we’re meant to, if we like it.

With many file sharing sites being shut down day by day, many people are finding it difficult to find most of the applications, games, files or music that they otherwise could find easily. While Amazon and iTunes emerge as the obvious resort for buying music, before long we’ll have a slew of others providing the same features.

Amazon’s Kindle Store will send bookworms scampering to them once SOPA has been been successful in implementing their party charade.

With most of the crowd opting for supporting SOPA, rather than oppose it, what will you do? It is you who can change the world. Not SOPA.


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