Music Player with Lyrics for S60V5

Okay guys, I just own a 5233 and I really don’t know if this works. Nokia has released a new update for the default music player in S60V5 devices. Please note that not all are supported. Only 5800, 5230 and 5235 get this update. To update go to SW Update located in applications. It will start loading the info of the updates available.

You will see a Music Player update there. Click on it to install it. After that you will get lyrics on the default music player.

Note, if you want the lyrics to be displayed, you will need to update the ID3 tags associated with the song. On Windows, this can be accomplished if you have iTunes(easiest) or Windows Media Player installed.


All you need to do is, after opening up iTunes, right click on the song you want to get the lyrics for and select “Get Info.”

Now, click on the tab called “Lyrics” and paste the lyrics to the song there. Hit close and that’s it. You have lyrics for the selected song.

Windows Media Player

Open up the song in WMP. Make sure that you have the song in your library. Right click on the song and select “Get Info.” Click on the tab “Lyrics” and paste in your lyrics.