How To Sign Apps for Your S60V5 Device.

There are so many apps out there for the 5800 and other V5 devices and Nokia isn’t going to support all of them. So if we want these apps on our phone, we must install these apps on our own. But the problem is that, since Nokia hasn’t signed the app, we must sign it ourselves so that we can install them on the phone. The other way is to hack your phone. But this is a tedious job and can consume a lot of time.

I’m going to post the easiest method over here.

1)First head over to OPDA
2)Now sign up. While signing up they will ask you for details such as IMEI number, name and so on. If you want to know your IMEI number, type in *#06# on your phone.
3)Now you will hjave to wait for about 24 hours(if you are lucky, you will probably get the .cer and .key within a few minutes itself).
4)After you get your .cer and .key, click on Signing Apps link in OPDA site. Now select your .cer and .key and upload your unsigned app. It will sign within a few seconds after upload and will start downloading the signed version.
4)You will be able to install the signed version after transferring the application to your phone.

That’s it. Enjoy all the unsigned apps.


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