GDesk for S60V5 Devices with W7 theme

Hello people. I’m back with another great application for your Nokia S60V3 and V5 devices. This one’s called GDesk and it allows you to change the layout of your desktop at your will. Nokia does not allow you to mod the position of your Widgets and other HS items by default or by theme and this is where the true beauty of GDesk comes in. It allows you to load any downloaded theme(Special one’s)and also allows you to make your own one’s and post it online. The reason this app became popular was because someone created a Windows 7 theme on V5 devices and that became a huge hit. This application is still under development, it has a lot of bugs and eats up too much of your phone memory even though you install it onto the memory card. That is the reason that I’ve uninstalled the app from my phone.

The download links are below. Whoever reads this post, please tell your friends about this great Blog.

Download GDesk 0.34:GDeskS60.0.34.rar

Download W7 Ultimate Theme for Gdesk:Windows 7 Ultimate.gdd

The Instructions for installing are as follows. You need to have a hacked phone or you need to sign the application with your own certificate and key.

First install Gdesk, then install all the plugins.

Next, open GDesk and then tap anywhere on the screen. Now select Design>Load> and then choose your Windows 7 Ultimate Theme.gdd downloaded above.

Then tap anywhere on the screen again, then select Options and tick Fullscreen, Landscape, Remember last items, and that’s it you’re done.

If you want to add any apps, tap anywhere on the screen, click on design, then tap elsewhere on the screen. Now, tap on the screen again and click Add App> then choose the app that you want. You can even change its icon and give the app a new name.

That’s it for now folk’s. Will be posting new things everyday. Be sure to check back.


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