The MobiPocket Reader for BB and S60

Hello guys! I’m back again with a simple application for you people to convert your handhelds and PDAs as eBook readers. Apple recently released it’s iPad and it has been having great success as an eBook reader. There are many eBook reader devices such as the Sony Reader, Amazon Kindle, Cybook, iLiad and many others. But basically these are too big to carry around in our pockets. S60 has always been the most preferred smartphone OS, but since the BlackBerry and Google’s Android have hit the market, not many developers are willing to develop apps for S60.

The beauty of the application I’m going to share with you today is really worth appreciating. MobiPocket is the most versatile, customizable and preferred eBook Reader out there. It has application for all the major smartphone OS’s including S60V3 and BlackBerry 6.0(Note that S60V3 app will work on all V5 devices and that there are older versions of the app available for older BB devices). It’s dedicated OTA store is secure and allows you to purchase books in a matter of seconds.

Unlike all good apps, this one comes free of cost. The eBooks need to be bought. You can find free eBooks on the world wide web. This little Application has a dedicated Desktop application to allow you to Sync eBooks between your PC and your handheld.

How to get this application on your devices:


You can install this application by directing your default browser to

S60V3 and V5

Point your phone’s default browser to

V5 users should select the V3 version.


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