N-Gage 2.0 on your S60V5 Devices

Hello people. Many of us wish we could play N-Gage 2.0 on our touchscreen phones(other than N97 & N97 Mini). There is no official support so far for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia 5233, Nokia 5235, Nokia 5230 and the rest. Nokia are in talks for making a N-Gage client for the Tube(Check out this link http://arena.n-gage.com/t5/Off-Topic-Forum/New-n-gage-enabled-phone-the-5800-Xpressmusic/m-p/425294) and their first game is going to be Guitar Hero which would make use of the plectrum that we received with our devices as a Guitar pick. I’m not sure this will even work, but there’s more to see.

To be able to play N-Gage 2.0 games on our Tubes and other V5 devices, we have to hack our phones.

The requirement of a physical keyboard for playing N-Gage 2.0 games can be met by installing Virtual Keyboard. It emulates the button inputs as if it were a real keyboard and we could play the games. (Download links can be found at the bottom.)

A few people have compiled(I’m not taking any credit for it) an N-Gage installer for the Tube and the other V5 devices. Please note that 5800 has a different installer and so does the 5230, 5233, 5235. So please choose the correct installer for your phone.

The cracks downloaded from websites don’t work on the N-Gage, but the trial downloaded from the official site works smoothly. Remember that wile playing the games you need to disable all the patches in the ROM Patcher. Otherwise the app may show “KER EXEC 30” error.

There are many problems while playing the games. Most usually, even though the games work smoothly, the unavailability of a physical keyboard strikes hard. While downloading games please download only games that are compatible with the N97. There is a chance that the others might not work.

Some of the games that I have tested so far work and I will be posting their names in another post.

Installation Instructions:

Nokia 5800:
Install N-gage installer(NGage 2.0 Installer 5800.sis)

Nokia 5233, 5230, 5235:
Install Ngage installer(N-Gage-5230-repack.sis)

After That, both users should install:
Now install virtual keyboard(Virtual Key Board.sis)

and then

Install ngage controller mod(ngage controller mod.sis)

Remember, you have to enable all the patches before installing them. Your phone must be hacked to play N-Gage 2.0

While playing the game disable all the patches.

About therider

therider is a rogue artificial intelligence robot gone wrong. Having been introduced to motorcycling in an experiment four years ago, he fell in love with it and soon escaped the clutches of the evil bobbins. He migrated to Mysore, India and has been riding around on a 160cc toy motorcycle.

38 responses to “N-Gage 2.0 on your S60V5 Devices”

  1. chirag says :

    i cant install this files in my 5233

    • Gadgetroid says :

      I use a 5233. When I installed this, I believe I had v20.1.01. A few days ago, I switched to v50, and I can strongly say that this is really unnecessary.

      To get back to the point, if you have followed all the instructions on here, I’m pretty sure that you’ll be able to install it.

      Just reply back telling me what problem it is that you are having, and I’ll be able to help you out more properly.

      And remember, your phone must be hacked for this. By hacking, I mean jailbreaking. There are a lot of tutorials on the net, be sure to check them out.

  2. Nightraider says :

    Super cool man your da best….

  3. chandrapal says :

    thanks…working great on my nokia 5233

  4. Kakus says :

    Can someone please tell me whether these things works on nokia c6-00

    • Gadgetroid says :

      They don’t work on the C6-00. Be sure you’ve got your phone hacked and that you’ve installed RomPatcher. Try it out once, but I’m pretty sure it won’t work.

  5. mashoodahmed says :

    will n gage will work on n 5250

  6. itot says :

    sir, what is the ngage instaler for nokia c5-03?

    • Gadgetroid says :

      Hello itot! Welcome to Gadgetroid! If you want to know, the 5230 Nuron version of the installer is universal, that is to say that it will work on most S60v5 devices. The only exceptions to running N-Gage 2.0 are if you own a C6-00 or any of the S^3 devices.

  7. Konate says :

    it’s so good

  8. firstSIDE says :

    does it works on rompatcher plus 3.1(hack software_for 5800)???

  9. jewel says :

    nice bro

  10. cnu says :

    its not working for nokia c6-00, is there any other way to install n-gage on nokia c6-00

  11. Gadgetroid says :

    Sorry, but as far as I’m aware, C6-00 has never supported N-Gage 2.0. The core files in C6-00 are completly different to that of the other v5 devices. This also the reason why N-Gage won’t work on C6 ported CFW’s.

  12. aman says :

    i’m not able to download any game

  13. Gadgetroid says :

    Note to all- the N-gage platform is now considered obsolete, as Nokia have closed down this portal officially following their announcement in 2011. All requests of game not found or not able to find cracked game will not be entertained. Support for this topic is closed.

  14. Nabeelahmed says :

    I have nokia c5-06 and i have installed ngage installer also installed the games but when i try to play the game shows kern exec 30 error please help me i want to play ngage games.

  15. Prabhat says :

    When i install ngage in my c505 it shows 1kb what i do?

    • Gadgetroid says :

      Despite what others may claim, every S60v5 device is different from the other. The C5-05 is basically a device that is catered to women and as such has many changes to its firmware files that are a stark difference to those of that present in the earlier v5 devices. Symbian has lost all developer support (including mine), just because of the fact that the bloody Indians (I’m an Indian too, by the way) have pirated every bloody software out there. And I don’t think that the devs are going to bother trying to code for Symbian ever again, even if by some miracle it emerges as the leading smartphone OS again. So, I’m sorry (not sorry) that N-Gage won’t support your device, ever!

  16. raga says :

    will this work on x6? Coz i installed n.gage2.0 and residental evil degeneration but the game doesn’t start and screen becomes blank and return to emulator home screen..pls guide me

    • Gadgetroid says :

      As I have already mentioned in the post, not all games work on this. Please remember that games that work on the N97 will work perfectly fine on this, provided you have found a way to by pass the issue of mapping keys.

  17. vany says :

    in my 5800 successfully installed the n-
    gage games and then and have disabled
    the RomPatcher patch so that the game
    does not estam open, the more he tries to
    process back again to the start menu of
    the n-gage. Help please!

  18. Rocking says :

    It says certificate error

  19. text2 says :

    I just like the valuable information you supply for
    your articles. I’ll bookmark your weblog and check once more right here regularly. I am reasonably certain I will learn many new stuff proper here! Good luck for the following!

  20. Tater says :

    Can i install it frm xplore

  21. Tater says :

    When i tried to install virtual keyboard it says expired certificate

  22. Azeem says :

    Sir it is not working on my nokia 5230 it shows file corrupted while intalling ngage installer

  23. Xool says :

    Pls reup dovvn link

  24. Amrtsh says :

    Does it work on my 5530?if yes help me to do it sir,. I tried to install ngage 2.0,it installed verry fast,and i cant see it in my phone, pls help me sir

  25. Victor says :

    Hw can i hack my phone n to b able to play sega game and nGAGE GAME ON C505

  26. nezias says :

    is there ngage installer for c5-03 coz the one provided for all s60 5th said file corrupted pliz help.

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